Welcome to Madrid Atocha!


The station is one of Spain’s busiest travel hubs, serving 90 million passengers every year. That volume is split into roughly 60 million passengers on local Cercania services, 11 million in mid-haul and long-haul trains and 19 million passengers on the Metro system – all in one building!

Those statistics means that on any given day, you could be sharing your time here with over 200,000 other passengers.

About this guide

Madrid Atocha can be confusing for passengers visiting for the first time. Even if you are fluent in Spanish, the signage is not always as clear as it could be and a little “local” knowledge can go a long way to improve your visit to the station.

To keep things simple, we’ve divided the site into four main sections with information on :


In the Arriving section, you’ll find walk-throughs on the various ways you’ll arrive at Madrid Atocha. We’ve even taken photos along the route for you!


Like the Arrivals section, we’ve done walk-throughs of the various ways to depart from the station. Whether it’s long-haul or a local train, we’ll explain where you need to go.


Many of those 90 million passengers are connecting between the various train services, Metro, high-speed trains and indeed public transport like buses and taxis or even car rental. This section covers all those principal connections.

The Station

Where to find the best restaurants, places to grab a chilled beer, shopping inside the station (for that last minute gift!). Even a few tips to find some of the better places to hang out if you have a couple of hours to spare.