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#Upper Level

Madrid Atocha is a huge station that is really more like a complex. It comprises the old station building (the Embarcadero) and a new building, built to encompass the expanded train services as well as the Cercanias station and Metro station. The majority of facilities in the new station building are on the Ground Floor and Upper Level (technically, the first floor). There is also a second floor, which mainly serves as another entrance/exit. Outside here is the main car park.

Get around Madrid Atocha with ease

To help you get around, we’ve tagged posts with where you’ll find it within Madrid Atocha. On this page, you’ll find services, shops, eateries and connections on the Upper Level of the station.

At Madrid-Atocha.com, you’ll also find detailed walk-through guides to making a travel connection at the station. In addition to these, we also have information on the services, shops and eateries available in the station.

 Enjoy your time at Madrid-Atocha.