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Madrid Atocha is a major train station in the Spanish capital. As such, it’ll come as no surprise that it’s also rather large. It also spans several floors. And to make it easier to get around and find things, we’ve added location tags so you know where it is in the station. On this page, you’ll find services, shops, eateries and connections on the Ground Floor.

Really, the station comprises the old station building and a new building to house the expanded rail network as well as the Cercanias network. The old station building was converted to become the main concourse and is referred to as the Embarcadero.

The bulk of the station’s facilities are on the Ground Floor and Upper Level.

Madrid Atocha made easy

To help you with your journey through the station, we have guides to facilities here including services, shops and eateries. We also have walk-through guides to help you with travel connections.

 Enjoy your time at Madrid-Atocha.