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The ‘Embarcadero’ in Madrid Atocha is the station’s main concourse. It’s the oldest part of the building and used to be the old station building before it was hugely expanded. And the old station has a fascinating backstory. It first opened in 1851 and was rebuilt in 1892 after a fire. Originally, there was only one train line going between Madrid and Aranjuez. However, it was used solely for recreational purposes by the Spanish Royal Family!

Tropical gardens

In 1992, when Spain’s first high-speed AVE trains commenced operations, the Embarcadero was converted to include a tropical garden. Indeed, it’s a unique feature of the station and takes up a big space in the heart of it. And it remains one of the best parts and most photographed sections of the station.

What’s here

On this page, you’ll find guides to shopping, eateries and services in the Embarcadero part of the station.

 Enjoy your time at Madrid-Atocha.