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The Asturias is a region in northern Spain. It makes up part of the country’s beautiful ‘Costa Verde’, which means ‘Green Coast’. It’s an apt name for this stretch of coast where you’ll find verdant forests and green cliffs.

Whilst a vast majority of the region is quite mountainous, the coast does also feature some beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque coves.

From Madrid Atocha, you can reach the region by train with direct services available to its biggest cities: Oviedo and Gijon. However, there isn’t currently a high-speed service so the journey takes between five and six hours.

Getting around

You can continue on to other destinations in Asturias by train from either Oviedo or Gijon. However, to make the most of your visit, getting around with a car hire is most convenient.


 Enjoy your time at Madrid-Atocha.