Natura: Products for the home and for you

Natura (or Natura Selection as it is known) is a concept store that is hugely popular across Spain. The stores were initially famous for having giant brown bears in their entrances and offer a wide range of lifestyle products. It’s the sort of store that is good to kill time in before you catch a train. Natura is also one of those places that you will wander into and buy something you never knew you wanted. So be warned!

They have all sorts of products including items for the home, for you and anyone you want to get a gift for. Products we spotted when we last went in include flasks, candles, toys, picture frames, stationery and fashion accessories.

Set up in Barcelona in 1992, the brand now boasts nationwide coverage in Spain, Portugal & Mexico. You can see further information or buy on-line at

Irresistable in-store displays.

Irresistable in-store displays.

There's always something interested.

There’s always something interesting…

Where to find it

You’ll find the store in the main shopping area of Madrid Atocha. More specifically, it’s close to the AVE Ground Floor departures.

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