The Madrid Metro is the capital’s metro network. Alongside the Madrid Cercanias network, the Metro helps the city’s residents and visitors to get around the capital. Madrid Metro spans Madrid’s two central travel zones (A and B) and connects with the Cercanias network for travel to outer areas of the city. You can see the Madrid Metro map above.

To download a PDF copy of the map, click here. The downloaded copy is easier to read…  And you should also be able to zoom in if you’re finding the text a little small.

Madrid Metro

As we noted in our earlier post on the Metro, only Line 1 connects to Madrid Atocha Station. And Madrid Airport has two stops on Line 8: one for T1, T2 and T3 and the other is for T4.

There are 13 Metro lines in total. A number (Lines 1 through 12) denotes all but one of the Metro lines. The remaining Metro line is called the Ramal line (Line R). It only goes between two stops: Opera and Principe Pio. On the map, you’ll see them as a number or the letter R for the Ramal line.

Metro Light

In addition to the Metro lines, there are three Metro Light (Metro Ligero) lines: ML1, ML2 and ML3. Like the Metro lines, they are simply identified as 1, 2 and 3 on the map. But they have a different colour code to the Metro lines to avoid confusion. You can see this better on the map and in the key below. As you can see, the Metro Light also has a different logo to the Metro.

Madrid Metro & Metro Light lines | Connections |

Metro and Metro Light lines

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