Madrid Bus Station is the main terminal for intercity and international buses. Locally, it’s known as Estacion Sur (or Estacion Sur de Autobuses to give its full name). Some locals also refer to it as Mendez Alvaro, which is the neighbourhood the bus station is located in. Mendez Alvaro is also the Metro and Cercanias stop for the bus station.

The bus station is used by a number of bus companies including two of Spain’s biggest: Alsa and Avanza. Eurolines, which is one of the biggest European bus companies also uses it as a base.

You can see bus timetables for individual routes at: It’s easy-to-use but is only available in Spanish. To see domestic routes, click ‘Horarios Nacionales’. You should then see dropdown buttons for province (provincia de destino) or town (poblacion de destino). And for international routes, click ‘Horarios Internacionales’. You’ll see dropdown buttons for country (pais) and town (poblacion).

How to get to Estacion Sur from Madrid Atocha

The bus station is located 2kms south of Madrid Atocha. And like Madrid Atocha, Estacion Sur is a transport hub which features on both the Metro network and Cercanias network at ‘Mendez Alvaro‘. You can travel between the two transport hubs via Cercanias lines: C1, C5, C7 and C10. It’s just one stop.

City bus services

EMT Madrid run local bus services within Madrid. You can find more information about local bus connections from Madrid Atocha at: City Bus Services