La Esquina del Dulce for sweets

La Esquina del Dulce means ‘Sweets Corner’ in English. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here. But in addition to selling a wide range of sweets, the store also sells refreshments and other snacks. For instance, one of the typical products here include ‘Pipas’, which are sunflower seeds, lightly roasted with salt. They’re a traditional snack across Spain. They’re also delicious! But they can be a messy snack to eat! So, if you’d like to have some whilst travelling, it’s best to have a spare bag or something to put the seed shells in after you’ve opened them up and eaten the seed inside.

Where to find it

La Esquina del Dulce is located on the ground floor of the station, close to the Cercanias exit gates. If you’re arriving into Madrid Atocha on the Cercanias, you’ll exit to the right hand part of the station. The store is easily found alongside the larger of the two Relay news stores.

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