For childrens toys at Atocha, there’s the Imaginarium

Imaginarium is a nationwide Spanish toy chain. It’s most noteworthy for its focus on educational toys. In addition to this, many of the toys use natural materials and promote positive social values. And there are some lovely and imaginative touches to the shopping experience. For instance, the stores always include a nice “little door” next to main door. As well as being perfect for little visitors, it adds a bit of fun to it.

The company now has stores in dozens of countries including Holland and Portugal. You can even find a branch in far-flung places (from Spain anyway) like Colombia.

More information on the company and online shopping, visit:

Little visitors get their own door at Imaginarium.

Little visitors get their own door

Where is it at Madrid Atocha?

You’ll find the store very close to Ground floor departures for the AVE trains. This is actually where the bulk of shops are at the station. Superskunk is its neighbour, which is another good place to find toys for kids (as well as adults). In addition to these two, another shop that’s likely to have children dragging their parents to is the Wonkandy shop. It’s also located near here.

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