Buses at Madrid Atocha

Bus services in the city are run by EMT Madrid. They have an extensive service covering the whole of the city including Madrid Atocha. And as the capital’s biggest transport hub, it’ll come as no surprise that a large number of bus services stop at the station.

EMT Madrid has an excellent website with an interactive map that you can see all the bus stops, lines and even how long until each bus. We’ve marked out a couple of the key areas with bus stops below. But as you can see from the map, the vast majority of bus stops are around the Atocha Renfe and Intercambiador de Atocha (which means the Atocha Interchange). This is where the Atocha Renfe Metro station is and also one of the main entrances to the Cercanias trains.

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Bus stops at Madrid Station

The two main areas we’ve marked out are below. Obviously, there are a number of bus stops in each so do check the bus stop for which buses stop there. We’ve also listed the buses that stop in each area further down under ‘Bus lines stopping at the station’.

  • Atocha Renfe / Intercambiador de Atocha (by the Atocha Renfe Metro and Cercanias)
  • Reina Sofia / Plaza del Emperador (the Atocha Metro station is also just north of here)

Intercity and international buses

Most intercity and international buses stop at Madrid’s main bus station: Estacion Sur de Autobuses.

Airport Express

EMT also run an Airport Express bus which stops at Madrid Atocha by Atocha Renfe/Intercambiador. You can see the bus stop in the map above, marked by a yellow and black plane icon. The bus is hard to miss because it’s bright yellow, whereas most city buses are blue. The bus service stops at Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 4. It runs 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. During the day, there are buses every 15 to 20 minutes and the journey takes around 30 to 40 minutes. You can find out more information on the Airport Express by visiting: emtmadrid.es.

Bus lines stopping at the station

Most buses are referred to as a number but there are others that use a letter and a number. For more information on routes and a journey planner by bus, do check out EMT Madrid’s website.

Atocha Renfe / Intercambiador de Atocha

  • 10: Palomeras – Cibeles
  • 14: Conde de Casal – Pio XII
  • 19: Plaza Cataluña – Legazpi
  • 24: El Pozo – Atocha Renfe
  • 26: Diego de Leon – Tirso de Molina
  • 32: Pavones – Benavente
  • 37: Puente Vallecas – Cuatro Caminos
  • 54: Congosto – Atocha Renfe
  • 57: Alto del Arenal – Atocha Renfe
  • 59: San Cristobal – Atocha Renfe
  • 102: El Pozo – Atocha Renfe
  • 141: Buenos Aires – Atocha Renfe
  • 203: Aeropuerto – Atocha Renfe
  • C1: Circular 1
  • C2: Circular 2
  • N9: Ensanch. Vallegas – Cibeles
  • N10: Palomeras – Cibeles
  • N11: Madrid Sur – Cibeles
  • N13: San Cristobal – Cibeles
  • N25: Villa Vallecas – Alonso Martinez

Reina Sofia / Plaza del Emperador

  • E1: Atocha – Plaza Eliptica
  • N12: Cibeles – Butarque
  • N15: Cibeles – Orcasur
  • N17: Cibeles – Carabanchel Alto

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Image: © rafa_luque/Flickr